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How To Use A Wick Dipper

12 May, 2020

How To Use A Wick Dipper.

You have just had your favourite candle burning and the room smells amazing. But the time has come to put your candle out.

The traditional way of blowing out your candle can fill the room with excess smoke and a strong unpleasant burnt aroma. Not to mention the risk of blowing hot wax out of the candle vessel.

This is we're the wick dipper comes in. Use a Wick Dipper to extinguish candles without the wick smoking. This process of quenching the wick eliminates wick smouldering and adds fuel to the wick for relighting. 

This awesome tool is also great for fishing out any debris that might fall into the hot wax pool and to tidy any stray wax which can interfere with the flame.

  • Using the flat tip of the dipping tool submerge the lit wick into the melted wax pool, and voila! The flame has been extinguished without any smoke.
  • Now lift and centre your wick so when the melted wax pool sets. Your candle is ready for another session.