About Me

Hello everybody,

I’m Steven and welcome to Stevie Buoy.

Stevie Buoy is a small Australian business run by myself from my home in Perth.

I am obsessed with lovely smelly things in my home and if you are like me, you love your home to smell nice!

Many years ago, after buying over-priced commercial products that were poor quality and had a terrible artificial chemical smell to them, I realised that there was no real reason why I couldn’t make better products myself! So, after a bit of researching, I started to make my own products for my home - and so started my fragrance journey...

I have spent years making fragrance products for my own home - testing many different ingredients and materials to find my perfect home products. I love products that are made as naturally as possible, without all the fake colours and chemical additives, with good quality fragrance that actually smell like the description without that fake, artificial odour.

Very quickly, I found myself gifting my homemade goodies to friends and family. I soon realised, after receiving compliments and being asked to make more & more items for them, that my goodies were actually really good! Soon friends were telling me that I should sell them and so began the Stevie Buoy story.

As well as fragrance products for my home, I have also been making my own body products. Due to my very sensitive skin and an annoying & embarrassing skin condition, I found I was unable to use commercial skin products due to reactions to many of the chemicals and additives they contained. I began making my own skin products from gentler ingredients as free from additives and artificial chemicals as possible.

After using my own homemade body products with a lot of success and after much positive feedback from friends and family, I now have a range of Bath & Body Products available.

A lot of love and care have gone into putting my range together. My intention is to make the very best products possible. My focus is always on the scent and the quality - that's what good products should be all about !!

I hope you’ll love my goodies and I invite you to surf my website and browse through my range of quality handmade products.

Don’t forget:

I am always available to custom-make anything to order or, perhaps, there is something particular you are looking for that is not displayed on my website. I’m happy to see what I can do for you.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to read my story.

Enquiries, Questions & Feedback are most welcome. Contact Me.