About My Candles - Info

What makes a Stevie Buoy Candle ?

My candles are made from an all Australian 100% natural soy wax - free from palm and paraffin and feature a core-free 100% cotton wick.

Did you know that many candle-makers market their products as "Soy" when, in fact, they contain less than 20% Soy with the rest being Paraffin or even Vaseline!  The waxes Stevie Buoy uses have been lab tested by the manufacturer to show that they are free from synthetic materials, leaving you with only the good stuff!

About My Fragrances

All my fragrances are cosmetic grade and premium quality.

They are sourced from only the best Australian suppliers and are composed of a combination of natural, naturally-derived and synthetic ingredients.


What makes Soy wax so great?

In addition to being a natural material, Soy Wax gives my candles a gorgeous, creamy finish and slows down the burn so you can enjoy your candles for longer. Soy Wax burns cleaner and releases less soot & smoke than other candle waxes and is also biodegradable so it’s easy to clean with some hot soapy water.


Why are there imperfections on my new Stevie Buoy candle?

 All my candles are hand poured in small batches, so each one is special & unique. I try my best to keep them all consistent but at times natural wax is known to crack, sweat or frost over. This doesn't affect the performance of the candle at all, it's just a sign that it is free from synthetic additives. 


Why is the top of my Stevie Buoy candle bumpy after burning?

Don't worry if you find this happening to your candle because this is actually a tell-tale sign that my wax is 100% natural and free from the synthetic additives that would otherwise hold it together. In exchange for a guaranteed smooth surface, you get a cleaner, longer burn with a stronger scent throw.
I considered this a worthwhile trade-off.


How do I look after my candle and ensure I'm burning and storing it correctly?

 Everything you need to know to get the best out of your Stevie Buoy candles can be found in my Tips & Safety Guide, or refer to the Safety Sticker on the bottom of your candle.
You can download a free copy of the Candle Care & Tips HERE


I have a question that hasn't been answered.

 No worries, you can always contact me at  or via my contact form HERE