20 Watt Globes


These 20 watt globes are suitable for the pictured warmers ONLY. Please make sure you check the pictured warmers in this listing to make sure this globe is suitable for your warmer. This globe will not fit any other style warmer.

In the colder months these 20 Watt globes might not warm all the way to the edge of the Ceramic bowl due to the ambient room temp. The 25 Watt Globes are an option if you want a bit of extra oomph! Please make sure you ask for advice first before upgrading your Warmer globe.

Please message me if you need help as I’d hate for you to pick the wrong globe.  If you purchase the wrong globe and need to return it, you’ll be responsible for the return shipping back to me as well as the replacement globe plus shipping of the new globe. I beg you to please ask if you’re not sure.

Globe Type: Halogen 20w GU10 Globe

Please Note: when you are inserting or handling your globe do not allow your fingers to touch the glass. Oils from your fingers can cause the globe to blow (well not explode but you know how you blow a light globe!)

Warning!! this is a specialty globe:

Should you decide to source these globes elsewhere please take note of the following.

• LED globes are not suitable for warmers regardless of what the salesperson tells you.

• DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES use any other globe EVERDoing so may destroy your burner and cause serious damage to property.

•  Stevie Buoy is not responsible for any damage incurred from using the incorrect globe. Please CONTACT ME if you need help selecting the right globe. There are no refunds for choosing the incorrect globe.

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