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Cubic Mini Diffuser With DIY Mini Diffuser Car Clip


Includes:1x Cubic Mini Diffuser & 1x DIY Mini Diffuser Car Clip

Diffuser Volume: 10mls 

RRP: $17.50

This stylish mini diffuser is perfect for any small space where you would like a beautiful fragranced aroma. With the inclusion of the DIY Mini Diffuser Car Clip you can now have this stylish diffuser clipped to an air vent in your car as well.

The Cubic Mini Diffuser features a rectangular glass design with square patterned cap and is available in a wide selection of fragrances.

Follow the enclosed instructions for how to attach the car clip then invert the bottle to soak the wood-lined lid and your diffuser bottle is ready to go.

Refills are available for this product - so you can just keep refilling when the bottle is empty.

This item is ready to ship in 5 to 7 days.

• Information regarding the DIY Mini Diffuser can be found HERE.

• Take care if hanging from a car rear view mirror to avoid contact with windscreen.

• Make sure you read any instructions that come with your Mini Diffuser Bottle and DIY Car Clip.

  • This item is available with your choice from any of my Premium Fragrances.

    Please see my Fragrance Guide for more details on all available fragrances.

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