Large Fragrance Warmer - White - Stevie Buoy | Handcrafted Aromas

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Large Fragrance Warmer - White

All Stevie Buoy Wax Warmers come with a complimentary 80g Wax Melt Pack of your choice.

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Comes with 4 free 80g Wax Melt Packs, total value $58

Your Choice of 1 melt pack & 3 chosen at random. 

This Large Fragrance Warmer is ideal for using with Stevie Buoy Wax Melts and regular oils. It has a large 200ml bowl so you can put in as much or little fragrance as you like.

This unit features an on/off switch and a light to indicate when the warmer is on.

A simple classic finish with three colours to choose from.

Product Dimensions: 12cm W X 12cm D X 9.5cm H

Need Wax Melts for your Wax Warmer Find Them HERE!!

*Please note, product photo may differ from actual item in terms of colour due to lighting, manufacturing details like hand painted designs or varied finishes which give each piece a one-of-a-kind look.

  • Melts are a mess-free alternative for oil burners. They’re simple to use and have a great scent throw.


    • Ensure your wax warmer dish is clean and dry.

    • Remove all labels from the melt & place flat in the dish.

    • As the melt turns to liquid you will experience its fragrance throw.

    • When the wax warmer is switched off, the melt will harden.

    • The wax will not disappear; use a new melt when scent is no longer present.

    • To remove spent wax, let it cool and harden then press gently on one end. If it does not slide out easily, cool in the fridge for 10 minutes to shrink the wax. Alternatively, you can wait till the wax has hardened. Then turn the warmer on for a couple of minutes to free the wax puck.

    • Clean dish with warm soapy water when changing wax.

    • Take care when using your wax melts and be sure to never add water or light the melt directly.

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